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Welcome to my new diary pages.

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July 6th

Welcome to July, very hot! perhaps too hot for knitting? Oh No, not at all.

One of my customers has just sent me some beautiful pictures of two jumpers she has made from pattern that she bought from my site. Here is part of her email:

" Well I've completed 2 so far and thought I'd share them with you.

Both are knitted in 4ply alpaca/wool blends and are really soft, warm and light. I love alpaca.

I'm super pleased with both of them. I've attached the photos for you to see.

One is the well known Copley ladies tank top and the other is the super glam Judith Barrett sweater.

I'm a one woman band making one-off vintage sweaters for people.

The Copley tank top was my first ever fair isle and it took me a whole solid month of knitting with much swearing to complete. The Judith Barrett one knitted up beautifully and quickly.

I think I'll make a few more in different colours I love it so much. "

vintage fair isle jumper knitting pattern from 1940s made by one of my customers
vintage jumper knitted by one of my customers from a pattern on my site

I think they are absolutely amazing, the colours are stunning, well done, Amanda.

This photo shows how well these patterns adapt to modern yarns. I will find out which brand yarn Amanda used for them.

As I always say next to the pattern, you must work a tension square, and usually if it says vintage 3ply in the pattern then a modern 4ply will work.

You can change size by using a size larger needle or a thicker ply - always allow more wool for either of these choices.

Another hint is to measure as you work, that way you have less to unpick if you need to.

Just heard back from Amanda she says "I used Flora Drops 4ply btw. It's 65% alpaca, 35% wool. Super soft and light."
Thank you for that. Happy knitting all

vintage girls kitten bonnet and teddy bear muff knitting pattern from 1950s vintage girls caps and hoods knitting pattern from 1950s
I am giving a talk later this month to a local club on my life with alpacas and knitting for Alpaca Angels, will let you all know how it goes. I used to do a lot of talks, but not so much now.

July 17th:

I have today put up some exciting new books from Dolls Designs, on on Dressmaking (sewing) for hard plastic dolls and the other a fabulous Sasha doll knitting book for Sash, Gregor and baby. All easy to knit andso suitable for the little dolls.   I am also adding another 40 Ladies knitting pattern from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s on the latest page of the Ladies. We are also, this week, going to adjust the Ladies pages to make them a bit shorter and easier to navigate. I have recently acquired some lovely Angora ladies knitting patterns, so have put a few of them up for sale. vintage 1950s angora bolero knitting pattern
The talk I am giving on Tuesday this week (on how we got involved in Alpacas and Baby clothes knitting), has led me to find a few more baby clothes that need to be put on the Alpaca Angels pages. So I need to get sewing up and photographing!


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